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Corporate Access Policy for Media Interviews

Introduction: This corporate access policy outlines the processes and guidelines that members of the media must adhere to in order to obtain an interview with a corporate officer of our company. We value transparency, accuracy, and professionalism in our interactions with the media and strive to provide timely and accurate information. By following this policy, we aim to maintain a consistent and mutually beneficial relationship between our company and the media.

1.  Requesting an Interview: 


1.1 All interview requests must be submitted in writing, preferably via email, to our organization’s

      designated    media contact person. The media liaison's contact details will be publicly available on our

      company's official website. 


1.2  The interview request should include the following information: 


a) Name, position, and affiliation of the media representative. 

b) Purpose and scope of the interview. 

c) Specific topics or questions to be discussed. 

d) Preferred date, time, and duration of the interview. 

e) Any other relevant information supporting the request.


2.  Consideration and Response: 


2.1. Upon receiving an interview request, our media liaison will evaluate the request and consult with the

        relevant corporate officer(s) to assess the feasibility and appropriateness of the interview. 


2.2. The media liaison will respond to the request within a reasonable timeframe, typically within five

        business days, indicating whether the interview can be accommodated and proposing alternative dates

        if necessary. 


2.3. In the event that an interview request cannot be granted, the media liaison will provide a brief

        explanation for the decision.


3.  Interview Conduct: 


3.1 All interviews with corporate officers must be conducted in a professional and respectful manner,

      adhering to ethical journalistic standards.


3.2 The media representative must clearly identify themselves and their affiliation at the beginning of the



3.3. Interviews may be conducted in person, via phone, or through virtual means (such as video

        conferencing) as agreed upon between the media representative and our company.


3.4. The agreed-upon date, time, and location (if applicable) will be confirmed by both parties in advance.


4.  Interview Content and Recording:


4.1 The media representative must provide a list of proposed interview questions at least seven days in

      advance. While we encourage open and candid discussions, we reserve the right to approve and decline

      to answer specific questions at our discretion. 


4.2 Any deviation of the questions submitted and approved in advance will result, at our discretion, in the

       termination of the interview.


4.3. Audio or video recording of the interview is allowed only with the express consent of our company and

       the corporate officer being interviewed. Such consent must be obtained 72 hours prior to the start of the



4.4 The media representative is responsible for accurately quoting and attributing statements made during

        the interview. Fact-checking and verification are essential to maintain accuracy in reporting.


4.5 In the case of virtual interviews, the company shall, at its own expense record the interview and said

       recording shall remain the sole property of the company. The company’s legal team shall retain the

       recording to support the requested corrections or statements of the interviewee.


5.  Embargo and Off-the-Record Requests: 


5.1. If the media representative wishes to request an embargo or off-the-record discussion, such requests

       should be made explicitly and agreed upon by both parties prior to the interview at least 48 hours in

       advance. Our company reserves the right to decline these requests.


5.2. If an embargo is agreed upon, the media representative must respect the agreed-upon embargo time

        and date, refraining from publishing any related content until the specified embargo is lifted.


6.  Post-Interview Follow-Up: 


6.1. If the media representative intends to publish an article or report based on the interview, a courtesy

       copy will be provided to our media liaison for review and factual verification prior to publication. Our

       company retains the right to prohibit the publication of articles or reports that do not support the facts,

       statements, and comments made in the recorded interview


6.2. Our company may request corrections or clarifications if any factual errors or misrepresentations are

        found in the article or report, and the media representative must correct said errors or

        misrepresentations as supported by the recorded interview.


7.  Violations and Consequences: 



7.1. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in future interview requests being denied or limited. 


7.2. Our company reserves the right to take appropriate legal action if any breach of professional conduct or

        unethical practices are observed.


7.3 Should the media representative elect not to publish, release or make public an article, report or

       interview, the company shall retain all material recorded in the interview process. Any material in the

       company’s possession shall be released for the company’s use at the company’s discretion after notice is

       given to the media representative.


Note: This corporate access policy is subject to revision and modification at our company's discretion.

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