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About Us

Pegisai.Com represents every teammate within the Pegisai Group of companies.

Our Group of companies works to decentralize wealth in a manner that brings economic stimulus and sustained growth in areas of the world that have been traditionally underserviced.

Pegisai Global Holdings Inc, our group’s parent company, manages the entire group assisting group companies in maintaining parallel and efficient operations.  

Pegisai USA Inc. acts as “the outward-looking team” of the Pegisai Group maintaining the group’s media presence and other tasks the AIDM Digital Money Platform expands globally. Pegisai USA also assists in licensing our parent company’s intellectual properties to affiliates who wish to join the AIDM system as a licensed exchange member. 

Pegisai Payment Systems is the group’s agent transacting electronic payments via a series of network partnerships.  PPS is the group company that assures AIDM token holder’s daily purchase transactions are facilitated in all of the places people live on a day-to-day basis.


Shortly, our Group will add new Pegisai family members: Pegisai Asia, Pegisai Europe and Pegisai Africa. 

These new family members will be responsible for AIDM Digital Money Platform expansion internationally as the platform’s footprint expands and more licensed exchange members are brought online.  Once these new members are brought online Pegisai USA will hand over regional operations to the new Group member.  Once all of these Group companies are online Pegisai USA will be rebranded to Pegisai America.


Our Story

Every company has a story and few companies actually tell the truth about how they started.  As an example, urban legend and a Hollywood movie pretty much cancels out the “official” Facebook narrative regarding “the how we got started” portion of company history.   Well, we here at Pegisai look at things a bit differently.  The truth may not be pretty but it’s a whole lot easier to deal with than cultivating a façade.


The Pegisai Group, as a family of companies, came into reality when a few “experts in the various fields of…”came together to drink a few cocktails and lament over the state of the world at that time.  Like most people our merry little group of experts vented, laughed, cried and even argued a bit over the status quo.   Finally, one member of our merry little group, a member with a more belligerent mind, a less than politically correct mouth and likely a bit intoxicated stated “well, what do you guys propose we do about it?”, and yes, we decided to historically revise the exact statement.   That verbal slap in the face from one of our own experts, caused the rest of our founders to engage their incredible intellect determined to find solutions for the problems they previously complained about.


Once the problems of the world had been verbally solved, our merry group of experts decided to pool their considerable intellectual property holdings together.   Then and there Pegisai Global Holdings Inc was formed as a company chartered to execute the group’s “save the world” strategy.   


From Birth to Saving the World.


Shortly after our parent company’s “birth”, our senior management team accessed our group’s considerable intellectual property catalog, dusted off projects that had been in various stages of research and development and began implementing go to market plans.  Our group leaders worked for a few years to assemble the necessary components, and personnel to complete their strategic long-term plan.  Our Group’s senior leaders-built alliances and partnerships with third party companies aligned with our corporate mission and core values. 


Once all of the core materials were in place our parent company began procreating new companies tasked to take on new assignments from each of these emerging products.  Those companies Pegisai USA and Pegisai Payment Services each assumed their roles as stated in the above “about us” section.   For more information regarding our Group’s conduct please review the end of year 2021 posting,


In March of 2022, our Group’s senior leaders gave the rest of our team “pre-deployment” notices giving us official notice that after years of behind-the-scenes development we were finally ready.   In the first week of April, 2022 years of our efforts are being released into the world and the individual “teams” within our group are executing their strategic “war” plan.  Our goals corporately speaking are to decentralize wealth in order to better serve geographical areas that have been traditionally underserved.  


In the near future, we will provide services and promote opportunities to spur economic growth in a geographically diverse manner.  Our Group’s spiritual goals are to place the wealth of the people back into the hands of the people.   We will not fail.   Stay tuned…

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