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Company end of year letter

A letter from our Group’s Senior Management Team

2021 proved to be a very dynamic year for the Group overall. While society appeared to grind to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our teams made great strides to achieve our long-term goals. For years, the Group’s senior leaders, IP innovators and extended team members have worked diligently to address major systemic issues within the global trade, payments, digital currency and crypto-exchange spaces. Collectively, we have all suffered frustration due to industry gaslighting. However, 2021 became the year we have all waited for and worked so hard to achieve.

A look at the year past.

As in past years, our money creation team has worked with regulators globally in order to obtain first hand insight into the evolving financial regulation landscape. During this time, our engineering and operations teams developed the operating systems, processes and complete platforms which will create, trade, exchange and audit our digital money products. Our teams recommended innovative approaches creating a new digital money world which enables our products to operate within existing regulatory guidelines while assuring complete adoption of our core digital money products. Jointly, our teams have worked to evolve the existing cryptocurrency space from the fraud ladened hype we all have come to know and detest into an engineered and operable reality of breathtaking proportions.

During the year, our Group’s senior management team executed plans creating multiple new companies and, in this process, created our Group from our initial core operating teams. Our senior strategy team worked diligently to execute our “go to market” plan. For years our teams have tracked the conduct of Wright, Kleiman, Wood, Hoskinson, Di lorio, Lubin and Buterin. Our Group has monitored the activities of IP violators and observed the operations of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as the hordes of copy-cat NFT’s globally. Since 2013, we have documented illegal conduct related to the knowledgeful abuse of our team’s intellectual properties and other fraudulent conduct within the cryptocurrency space.

A review of the change is sea state.

In 2018, the Kleiman Family sued self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright in federal court. Since that time, our senior management team has tracked the progress of this case, as well as, obtained documentation presented into evidence which affirms our Group’s intellectual property rights abuse position. During this process, two judges found that Wright gave false testimony and altered key evidence. Directly, the evidence presented by both parties clearly shows Kleiman and Wright’s constant and persistent knowledge of their abuse of our Group’s intellectual properties in their activities over a period spanning nearly a decade.

The Florida Court awarded a verdict to W&K Info Defense Research, a company founded by Wright and Kleiman more than 140 million dollars in damages. However, the two parties continue to argue in Florida state court over who exactly owns W&K and until Wright is forced to make restitution to the Kleiman family, the rest of the cryptocurrency industry will continue to hide behind the Satoshi illusion. But what is absolutely clear are Wright and Kleiman’s statements they knowingly stole our IP in their conduct to create, mine and transact bitcoin. Interestingly, the Jury’s determination caused Ethereum co-founder and want to be bad-boy Buterin to again issue a series of attacks upon Wright in an attempt to sew confusion and divert attention away from their own known issues. Irrefutably the case signaled cryptocurrency is no longer beyond the reach of law or the understanding of the court system and Buterin’s diatribe shouldn’t be used to detract from this fact!

Senior Management is confident the case sets a precedence which affirms our IP defense and enforcement positions and affords our Group a significant strategic shift in operating conduct. No longer can IP infringing exchanges, issuers, retailers and financial institutions, such as banks ignore “first to file” legal precedence while playing the “too big to be hurt” operating model. Our regulatory teams have stated global regulators are signaling their proclivity to act in support of our actions to enforce our intellectual property rights, as they relate to the creation of, exchange of and the business of cryptocurrency. We believe companies engaged in crypto-exchange operations that are publicly traded are especially susceptible to immediate cease and desist demands.

Our conduct in the year 2022.

In 2022, our Group will not only move forward with and bring to market our innovative and intellectually protected digital money products. We will also move forward and implement our licensed exchange issuance and management model. As we begin to deploy our diversity creation model, our efforts will cause a meteoric shift in the availability of capital for businesses, as well as provide an unrivaled mechanism for wealth creation and wealth retention to the general public.

In the first quarter of 2022, we will announce our new asset-backed and interest-bearing digital money product. Shortly thereafter we will begin to market the benefits of our digital money diversity creation model and provide insight to trust and surety issues required for global trade. Our efforts will once again illustrate the known flaws which exist within products that unlawfully violate our intellectual property rights without consideration of the end user of these fraudulently conceived copy-cat products.

Our Team’s values help us focus as we move ahead.

As stake-holders in the digital money space, we much act to enable people to realize while technology is progressive; trade, surety and commerce rely on absolute trust in the mechanism of exchange. We, as industry leaders, must continue to highlight while the general public continues to read of fraudulently created cryptocurrency and multi-hundred-million-dollar thefts of digital-currency the industry as a whole is itself, by its own conduct untrust worthy.

As innovators and security technologists, we must highlight the inherent frauds within the cryptocurrency industry. We must force the public to recognize, while exchanges continue to operate in a fraudulent and unregulated manner, the industry as a whole does not provide the necessary “surety” required for global trade. We must continue our efforts to not only provide new and innovative products and licensed exchange platforms which self-regulate in order to prohibit fraudulent conduct for the good of the entire global economy. We must also strive to organize and implement a new stake-holder level global Non-Governmental Organization consisting of digital money issuers, engaged exchanges, payment system operators and intellectual property right holders tasked to assure faith in trade and this emerging wealth protection system.

A self-reminder, let us not act in hubris.

Our Group’s position on the term “currency” is absolute. It is clear “currency” is the creation of and sole right of a sovereign national entity. We, acting as guardians of the public trust, must oppose the creation of digital currency by any nation due to the inherent risks tied to the creation of fiat currency. The general public must be made to realize that fiat currencies, such as the dollar are little more than instruments of debt and political interests should not ever be allowed to have unrestricted control over the wealth of a society.

Government’s ability to tax its citizens to repay its debts is one thing. A government’s ability to electronically control an individual or nation’s collective wealth at the stroke of a keyboard is an entirely different subject especially in this hyper-political age we all live in today. Due to our standing on the term “currency” all of the Group’s products will be branded as “money” referencing their ability to be used in global trust transactions due to their asset-backed and securitized nature, as a mechanism of absolute value. We must not believe our Group stands above a government of the people which self regulates its behaviors. We must resist governments which act outside the best interests of the public good.

Recognizing our tasks assures success.

Our Group provides valuable wealth creation and management tools used to empower economic growth and expand personal financial independence. We look forward to being recognized as the global leader in these endeavors during the year 2022. On behalf of the entire Group and the senior management team, we wish to recognize our appreciation of your efforts and we wish you the most productive and satisfactory year ahead. Thank you for being members of our Group.


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