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2022... A year in Review.

A letter from our Group’s Senior Management Team.

2022 was a year of hallmark achievements for our Group. We became the first “digital” to meet the International Bank of Settlements’ “absolute payment mechanism” criteria. We successfully strength-tested our asset indemnification, money creation, value acceptance and transfer processes. Our management team implemented a phonetic alphabet phase designation system to clarify communications between teams and in doing so, enjoyed increased development and testing efficiencies. Due to this clarity, our teams quickly moved through Phases Bravo and Charlie laying out operational groundwork for the deployment of our AIDM Solution and established operating procedures necessary for its network of cooperative exchanges.

Looking at 2022.

We warned about the impending fall of crypto.

At the start of 2022, our team endured ridicule from former technology peers riding the “crypto-currency high”. While Coinbase,, eToro, and FTX spent a combined $54 million on Super Bowl ads, we boldly predicted a cryptocurrency market crash by issuing a series of abuse of IP warnings, market instability warnings, and began a company blog. In our blog, we discussed future systemic breakdowns in the crypto space such as Three Arrows Capital’s bankruptcy. We warned consumers regarding exchanges and wallets, predicting how the industry would treat crypto holders as “unsecured creditors”. We issued warnings on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and the Biden administration’s attempt to print a “digital dollar”, questioning the legal authority to do so. We warned investors by arguing, “the tactics of rebranding and repackaging a failed creation model does not solve the broken model’s known issues”. Stating, “slapping a tech label” on the failed and broken model only ruins consumer confidence in the power of “real digitized “money””. Before the end of 2022, our prophecies came true.

We Built better product and a superior system.

Our 2021 update stated, In 2022, our Group will not only move forward with and bring to market our innovative and intellectually protected digital money products. We will also move forward and implement our licensed exchange issuance and management model.” In the last two quarters, our team has established the superiority of our “universal value unit/multi-mechanism” token model. This model allows our products to meet the BOI’s criteria due to the surety each mechanism provides by asset, indemnification, life cycle, income stream and confirmation processes. Our creation and management processes provide absolute surety of transfer of value, including all trust components necessary to accomplish integration into the existing banking system!

Yes, you read that right; an indemnified digital “asset” that pays an “income stream” that is integrated into the existing banking system. This is just the first in a series of accomplishments regarding digital assets.

The relevance of our AIDM solution.

A capable asset product.

To be direct, Bitcoin is 13 years old and has yet to be directly accepted as a “bankable” asset: Our AIDM solution is already directly “bankable” without any additional processes! In March of 2021, we published a blog post stating a “reduction in total exchanges was necessary to reduce fraud, ensure wealth and promote trust in transactions”. This all-inclusive statement covered all “uses” expected of a “digital money” mechanism. Central to this, and the acceptance of digital assets into the bankable assets space revolves around “trust”. We view the reduction in exchanges as necessary to limit the incidences of fraud such as those witnessed in FTX. We also expanded our conversations to establish a non-governmental regulatory framework addressing known issues uniformly. In the third quarter of 2022, as we met our strategic goals, we ended our capital raise efforts to focus on the introduction of our first four exchanges and laid the framework for global regulatory policies. In the fourth quarter, we issued the first two of these licenses. Since then, working together, we have been establishing this operating framework and preparing for our first AIDM token offerings.

Identified underutilized assets.

Due to our team’s efforts, we’ve identified more than $2 quadrillion worth of underutilized assets which can be converted to asset-backed, interest-bearing digital money products. Our efforts have charted an existing legal and regulatory path to work within existing mechanisms to build a transitory monetary system that stimulates trade, prosperity, and growth opportunities that are beneficial to our entire human species. Our proprietary system, digital asset creation model, processes and exchange system can utilize this pool of underutilized assets to its fullest potential. Shortly, these efforts will yield new ensured digital asset product.

Making digital assets “usable” in daily life.

In 2023, operating AIDM exchanges will begin the process of converting underutilized assets by joining these asset pools with viable growth projects and offer digital asset consumers opportunities to obtain indemnified new digital money products for daily use and wealth creation. We anticipate the first $50 billion of issued AIDM tokens will be sold to institutional investors seeking a solid and predictable rate of return. This staged market entry approach allows our exchange operators the necessary time and income streams to expand the infrastructure needed to efficiently support future consumer usage of these new indemnified digital money products. This will also provide our teams the necessary time to increase functionality in the mercantile space and provide consumers viable opportunities to use these transitory monetary products.

Inside a relevant for daily purchase application.

Our Vault application and interface allow non-institutional AIDM token holders flexibility in managing their financial resources in daily mercantile trade. This is not a “token wallet” that merely holds cryptocurrency for speculative trade. Our Vault application as designed, allows consumers the ability to buy, sell, and trade our AIDM tokens, and then use the captured value within each AIDM token for daily use payments. Our AIDM solution should be considered a transitory system evolving consumers from fiat currencies (including script currency, traditional crypto, and stable coins) to digital asset-based monetary products.

As a transitory system, our AIDM solution is extremely relevant. Our AIDM solution’s usage within the banking industry is perfected, as is its surety. Our intent is to expand its usable footprint in the mercantile space through 2023 and 2024.

What the future holds.

As we move into Phase Delta, Pegisai will engage in establishing multiple corporate entities tasked to provide specific services to the expanding exchange platform. We will expand our core network (FURI) and deploy separate corporate operations, each conducting specific tasks within our distributed ledger model. These separate corporate operations include asset management, token issuance and audit services. Jointly with our four exchange operators, these corporate entities will become founding members of a new non-governmental organization (NGO) and establish global standards for digital assets using Pegisai’s intellectual property. This new NGO will work with regulators to provide regulatory solutions using existing laws and regulations to ensure the stability and faith in the digital assets industry. It is necessary to eradicate fraud from the emerging digital assets space and to ensure a level playing field between nations. Pegisai has pledged to empower the new NGO in all ways possible, including the assignment of IP enforcement rights. We believe that due to the nature of digital assets, consumers need a global standardized regulatory framework to ensure faith in the greater financial system.

We look to the future as we rebuild the post-pandemic world by tapping a true free-market economy.

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