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Pegisai Grants Digital Security Ventures License to Protect and Enforce Intellectual Property.

Dallas, Texas USA, May 15, 2023 – Pegisai Holdings and Digital Security Ventures, a leading regional enforcement company, are proud to announce that Digital Security Ventures has obtained a license to protect and enforce the intellectual property rights of Pegisai Holdings. The patents licensed pertain to security token technology on peer-to-peer networks that are frequently abused and infringed upon by various entities, including the cryptocurrency industry, mobile payment providers, the automobile industry, and personal electronics manufacturers.

Pegisai Holdings, a visionary company in the digital finance and FinTech industries, is preparing to bring its highly anticipated Alkaimi network to market. Through its network of licensed third-party decentralized asset clearinghouses, Alkaimi plans to mint nearly $1.4 trillion worth of asset-backed, insured digital money over the next 16 months. This groundbreaking platform offers its users a wide range of services, including asset management, wealth retention, capital creation, asset transfer, and mobile payment solutions, all powered by DeFi technologies covered in this license and its decentralized third-party network of clearinghouses.

With the grant of this license, Digital Security Ventures (DSEV) aims to revolutionize the enforcement of intellectual property rights for Pegisai Holdings and users of the Alkaimi network, ensuring that their rights are protected and respected. DSEV is committed to deploying innovative enforcement strategies and techniques to prevent continued infringement on Pegisai's valuable patent inventory. By doing so, Digital Security Ventures aims to maintain the integrity of Alkaimi's technology, safeguarding the rights and interests of the Pegisai Holdings, and the new financial ecosystems created by the Alkaimi network.

"Our partnership with Pegisai Holdings marks a significant milestone for Digital Security Ventures," said Joshua Lowe, President of Digital Security Ventures. "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside Pegisai to protect their cutting-edge technology and the interests of the Alkaimi Network and its users. Due to the unique nature of the intellectual property, and the products they created, our team will vigorously use innovative strategies and non-traditional avenues to combat this patent infringement effectively."

Digital Security Ventures will employ a multi-faceted approach to identify and address potential patent infringement activity. DSEV will conduct review outside the normal “product scope” as the technology license governs processes and products. By leveraging its expertise in digital security and intellectual property enforcement, the company will diligently combat the unauthorized use of Pegisai's patented technologies. Through collaboration with legal authorities and industry partners, Digital Security Ventures aims to swiftly deny infringement activity and uphold the rights of Pegisai and Alkaimi users. The scope of this will support the current efforts of securities regulators, a move that will increase tension on the cryptocurrency industry.

"We believe that by taking decisive action against patent infringement, we can foster a more secure, lawful, safe and innovative digital finance landscape," added Mike Rogers, a spokesman for Pegisai Holdings. "Our partnership with Digital Security Ventures and the launch of Alkaimi signify an exciting new era in decentralized finance. Our growing community of innovators is fully committed to ensuring that the intellectual property rights behind Alkaimi's innovative and groundbreaking technologies are upheld and respected by all."

About Digital Security Ventures:

Digital Security Ventures is a regional enforcement company specializing in protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a proven track record in digital security, the company is dedicated to safeguarding valuable technologies and combating patent infringement. Through innovative strategies and cutting-edge techniques, Digital Security Ventures acts to ensure the integrity of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Pegisai Holdings:

Mike Rogers

Director of Media Relations

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