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Intellectual Property Theft Warning Affecting Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies.

April 10, 2022

On December 7, 2021, the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, the Honorable Judge Bloom presiding, issued a judgement and final order in the case cited as 9:18-cv-80176-BB. The case between the family of Dave Kleiman and Craig Wright centered on personal property ownership of bitcoin and bitcoin mining software owned by W&K Info Defense Research, LLC.

Pegisai USA has closely followed the aforementioned case reviewing evidence and witness testimony presented by both parties. Wrights’ attorney’s put forth evidence that Wright, in the summer of 2008, shared an early draft of the Satoshi Bitcoin White Paper, telling the witness that he (Wright) would be publishing it under a pseudonym. Documents presented in the case show “Satoshi’s” multiple uses of titled Intellectual property and associated IP owned by the Company. Satoshi’s usage of company intellectual property in implementing the original “Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV)” has been well documented by the Company.

Problematic for enforcement of the Company’s IP rights has been the “Satoshi Illusion”. Wright’s efforts in this case to prove he is “Satoshi” provided documents which advocate the unlawful usage of company owned intellectual property in the creation, exchange and retail usage of Bitcoin by publicly held companies raise the matter to a level of regulatory review. The Company’s review of processes used also includes all other known cryptocurrencies using similar creation and blockchain technologies.

1. The Company warns persons engaged in the mining of cryptocurrency to be aware of potential liabilities revealed in the aforementioned case.

2. The Company’s warning covers all cryptocurrencies and NFTs which utilize similar structure, creation, systems and transaction processes.

The Company seeks to fully inform the public of potential risks associated with the problematic technologies used by cryptocurrency.

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