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AIDM, pronounced Adam, is by name an “Asset-backed, insurance guaranteed and Interest-bearing Digital Money.”

If you have read our previous posts on this website, we’ve talked about currency, frictionless transactions, insured money, absolute value, and trust. We started this conversation by talking about the attributes of currency, value, and trust in exchange. AIDM, pronounced Adam, is by name an “Asset-backed, insurance guaranteed and Interest-bearing Digital Money” (AIDM). AIDM is an absolute value holding instrument of trade designed for nano-second speed transactions across secured global networks.

Testing AIDM

Testing AIDM against the six attributes, a currency/money must have which include: 1) scarcity, 2) divisibility, 3) utility, 4) transportability, 5) durability, and 6) “anti-counterfeit ability [1]”. Each AIDM is 1) scarce, we well as 2) divisible. The menu of available AIDMs which are asset-based and interest-bearing have higher 3) utility than any other form of trust instrument or “money”. Reviewing this superior utility, the underlying value can easily be converted between printed currency, hard assets such as gold, or other commodities, and as the underlying value is static in time AIDM segments can be utilized in immediate exchange for payment usage in real- time, measured in nanoseconds.

As far as 4) transportability, as digital money, AIDM is resident within the cloud meaning it is easily accessible as well as instantaneously transportable. Using the user interface for access to an AIDM vault is dynamic for card offerings, ATM access, biometric access, or tap to pay products used as a delivery and access mechanism to the platform itself. Regarding 5) durability- AIDM is always solvent and once an AIDM matures, it holds that interest accrued value indefinitely until it is redeemed by the buyer or repurchased by the AIDM issuer.

Finally, we come to 6) “anti-counterfeit ability”. AIDM is created by a licensed exchange within a highly-secured network. Each AIDM can only be created by a licensed exchange member prohibiting a counterfeiter’s ability to deposit a counterfeit AIDM into the exchange and vault system. This system’s constant audit function quickly recognizes an anomaly and flags said fake AIDM for review. Once the entire process of creation, as well as the diversification of creation process and the decentralization of data required for creation is audited, any fake AIDM would be canceled from the system and all elements would be isolated for security review.

Creating an AIDM

We use a decentralized and diverse AIDM creation model. In a highly simplified manner, a company or group wishes to obtain capital for a project or business model. Once this company complies with our proprietary processes, a double indemnified debenture is issued. This debenture acts as a guarantee and contractual obligation to pay interest; then using our proprietary process, a series of tokens are created digitally. Each of these newly created AIDM tokens contains one hundred thousand segments that are all marked with security codes. The newly created AIDM meets all of the requirements for trust in an exchange due to its absolute value nature and surety. Factually, value can never be less than it was at the moment of creation. Therefore, we have created a benchmark for an accepting party to evaluate their risk in the trade of goods. The newly created AIDMs are then listed by a trading code and placed within the exchange system.

In future posts, we will discuss this exchange system and its capabilities. Stay tuned…

[1] Referencing a term used before Congress to show measures that prohibit counterfeiting.

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